Gas-supply under (time) pressure

The problem: The gas line of a critical process is no longer meets PED requirements!

Our client is active in the food sector where safety and hygiene are the common denominator in all processes. Throughout the production chain, much use is made of thermal installations such as rotary kilns and boilers that supply process steam. By far the most important product of this client is a basic substance that is used in the pharma industry. The ingredient supplied is an essential raw material for this sector and is also a very important source of income. A real "moneymaker".

There was a problem, however. The approximately 300 meters long pipeline required to supply the most important parts of the production facility with gas turned out to be outdated and in a very poor condition. So bad in fact that the entire gas pipe ran a high risk of being rejected. This would result in the withdrawal of the operating license, which would bring the entire plant to a standstill. As the installation had been expanded with new parts over many years, the route of the gas pipeline was complicated and difficult to access in some places. The main process was at the very end of the 300-meter gas pipe section. In view of what was at stake, it was very important for our customer to replace the entire gas pipeline from front to end in the shortest possible time. The production process should experience little or no disruption from the replacement!

The solution:

Hilux5 provided a solution that turned out to be as simple as it was effective. By working from back to front, the entire gas pipeline was simply bypassed. We did this by laying an underground, drilled pipe line from the gas entry point of the plant directly to the main process. From there we worked back to the other parts of the plant which were under less time pressure. The new pipeline was engineered, manufactured and commissioned in a very short period of time.