Piping Engineering

Well-designed piping with the right support help to prevent unplanned outages and thereby add to the reliability of the total installation.

During the course of a plants’ lifetime, over years often changes are made to the original design, particularly to the routing of pipelines. When new modifications to existing equipment are initiated, they are often based on so-called “as built” drawings that are actually outdated. This can cause serious 'clashes' with the existing piping.

The Hilux5 Engineers can help you avoid these problems by:

1. Proper mapping of the existing piping.

  • Drawings are translated into 3D models, Isometrics and P&IDs based on the actual situation. This allows us to make the drawing package "up to date" again.

2. Engineering new piping in existing situation or for new installations

We take care of the measurement of the exact piping route throughout the plant, and we take care of the delivery of the detailed engineering of both the piping and the required auxiliary steel.