Quick! We need more power!

The problem: Big power plant, no back up

An important power producer in the Netherlands, owner of one of the largest combined cycle power plants in the country needed a black start facility. The installation had to fit the size of the power plant. Off course, a black start unit is meant to be only used during an emergency, but the capacity in this case is comparable to that of a small power plant! The size of this facility would require a substantial capital expense, and this would have effect on the return on investment of the total plant.

The solution:

The availability of a black-start plant has a high priority, but this does not have to be achieved with a new gas turbine. For this application Hilux5 disassembled a Frame 6 at another location and transported it to the Netherlands. The genset was installed under our supervision, including civil works, new housing, stack and instrumentation. It was put into use at the location of the electricity producer in the Netherlands. Periodically, the black start is fired up to see if everything functions expected.