Hilux5 B.V.

The service specialists in Energy

For 15 years we have been providing pragmatic solutions for complex engineering challenges and for the execution of multidisciplinary projects.

Hilux5 provides Project Management, Engineering and Services for Power plants and for the Energy from waste business. Our team is used to working in an environment where rapid response is required, so flexibility and pragmatism are key competences that come natural to us. Because we understand your business, we often come up with creative and cost saving- yet sustainable solutions.

With the production of electricity from wind or solar power plants comes the need for back-up from flexible, relatively clean gas fired combined cycle power plants (CCPP’s) in order to maintain a stable electricity network. Due to the global energy transition and the changed (intermittent) operating conditions of power plants, there is a growing need for dependable engineering support and service on these plants.

Also, Energy from waste plants and bio-energy plants mainly rely on the thermal conversion of various waste streams to electricity. Due the rapidly changing composition of input streams, higher stress can be placed on those installations, again requiring customized support from our experts. This may reduce the expected life time of the installation.

Our clients in the power or Energy from waste business rely on the know-how and the experience we provide to maintain and operate their heat transfer equipment.

Our job: looking after your equipment so you can look after your business


  • Total boiler / plant assessment including detailed status report
  • Project management / Outage management
  • Plant Design / Construction management


  • Our strength lies in the management of multidisciplinary projects
  • We support you by managing the project on planning, budget and quality from start to finish
  • Our staff is VCA ** certified
  • Hilux5 is EN-NEN-ISO 9001 certified. 


  • Smart scaffolding; Ultra short and safe mobilization and de-mobilization of scaffolding in large installations.


  • Basic Engineering pressure parts and non-pressure parts.
  • Fluid Flow Calculations
  • Structural Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Piping Engineering
  • FEM analysis